What if you have a CDL license and are arrested for DUI?

If you hold a CDL license you should be advised that if your license is suspended up front by either refusing a test or providing a high sample, that the Temporary Alcohol License does not restore CDV privileges (but you can still drive a car\motorcycle). If this applies in your case please contact us and we can discuss with you how we can still attempt to accelerate the process for you.

If you are convicted of DUI (by either pleading guilty, no contest, or being found guilty after a trial), then you will also lose your CDL. A plea bargain to a non-DUI reckless driving will also suspend a CDL license.

Because of the special issues surrounding a commercial driver's license, professional driver's really are at risk of losing their career by being charged with DUI. The best thing that you can do is to ensure that everything possible is done to help you avoid being convicted. For more information regarding South Carolina DUI topics please request our free report written by attorney James R. Snell, Jr.

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