Arrested for DUI over the Memorial weekend?

A three day holiday weekend is a great opportunity to spend time with friends and family. You might have felt that you were fine to drive, but still have yourself pulled over, and arrested for DUI. Now you need to take action, and quickly, to ensure that your license, reputation, employment, and rights remain secure.

You need to know:

If your license was suspended by the police we can help you begin legally driving again in as little as one week. We will help you obtain the correct driving credential as quickly as possible. Don't drive until you receive it!

A DUI arrest is not the same as a conviction. Just because you have been charged with DUI and given a court date does not mean that you have already been found guilty of drunk driving. There are many legal and factual defenses that can help you, regardless of what the police believe the facts to be.

Memorial day weekend begins the annual summer DUI blitz. This means that area police departments have been having "pep rallies" encouraging them to run up the number of arrests based on dubious legal concepts such as "zero tolerance." This can cause police to cut corners in their investigation, and lead to unfair and improper DUI arrests.

Whatever you do don't try to go to court alone, and before you have consulted with a DUI defense attorney such as National College for DUI Defense member James Snell. Get started right away by contacting us for an appointment by calling 1-888-301-3532. You an also request our free guide DUI Defense Strategies.

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