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DUI & Drugs

Many DUI investigations begin when the police suspect that a driver is under the influence of something more or other than just alcohol. Whether it is marijuana, prescription painkillers or other drugs, South Carolina law provides that a DUI can not only result from alcohol consumption but also from any combination of legal or illegal drugs. If you or a loved one is facing any driving under the influence charge in or around Lexington, South Carolina, contact the Law Office of James R. Snell, Jr., LLC today.

Allegations of drug use or impairment can arise in any one of a number of ways:

  • Voluntary admission of drug use or possession
  • Drugs found as a result of a post-arrest search
  • Blood or Urine Testing
  • Drug Recognition Testing conducted by Police
  • Breath test readings of no or little alcohol

DUI Defense Strategies

DUI cases involving drug use allegations are defended in many of the same ways as a traditional DUI. The law still requires the prosecution to establish that a driver was under the influence of drugs either alone or in combination with alcohol that their faculties to operate a motor vehicle were "materially and appreciably impaired." Due to the complex legal issues surrounding any police search for drugs, chain of custody and drug testing procedures. We begin all drug related DUI cases by looking to challenge the police officer's version of a lawful search, proper Miranda advisement as well as to object to unsubstantiated allegations of impairment.

Has your medical privacy been violated?

Another potential issue arises whenever any defendant is taken to the hospital after being involved in an accident or as part of a DUI arrest. Many times the medical personnel will freely discuss the defendant's medical condition and treatment with the police. This can even rise to the level of allowing the police into the examination room, or having a hospital nurse draw blood at the officer's request. If any of these circumstances apply to your DUI arrest it is important to know that your medical privacy rights may be implicated which could have significant implications in choosing the best strategy for your case. Medical privacy includes that arising from the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) along with other State and Federal law.

South Carolina Drug Defense Lawyer

As a drug defense lawyer, Lexington South Carolina Attorney James Snell represents those who have been arrested or charged for possession or use of illegal drugs. This includes marijuana possession, cocaine charges as well as trafficking level offenses. If you have been charged with a drug crime as part of your DUI arrest it is important that you consult with a lawyer prior to your first Court date. Allowing your case to go forward, even at the Traffic Court level, can impact your legal rights to challenge even a felony level drug charge in criminal court.

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