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How to Avoid Getting Arrested for DUI in South Carolina
How to Avoid Getting Arrested for DUI in South Carolina

One of the most common questions put to us outside of the office is how to avoid getting arrested for DUI. You may think the easy answer is to just not drink and drive. But we’ve seen over and over that drivers who are completely sober can still be arrested. We’ve even seen ...

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Blog Posts in 2017

  • Why Didn't The Officer Also Charge You With...

    It happens to a lot of my DUI clients. They are pulled over by the police for some sort of traffic violation. Usually it’s something like speeding or ...

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  • Can You Refuse a Field Sobriety Test in South Carolina?

    Under South Carolina law, field sobriety tests or FST’s, are optional for drivers to take. In fact, under S.C. Code § 56-5-2953 specifically states ...

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  • Will your DUI charge be dismissed if the officer doesn't show up for court?

    There are many recurring myths on how to best beat a South Carolina DUI charge. One common one is that police officer’s don’t usually go to court, ...

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  • Do you have a right to take a blood test?

    Almost everyone who is arrested for DUI is taken to the police station for a breathalyzer test. A lot of people wonder though if they have a right to ...

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  • Does South Carolina Have a Wet Reckless Law?

    In many states drunk driving charges can be reduced to a wet reckless. You may be wondering if this plea bargain is available in South Carolina. A wet ...

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  • How do the police know if they should arrest someone for DUI?

    In South Carolina our DUI law makes it illegal to drive while impaired. Breathalyzer or other tests for alcohol or drugs aren’t available to police ...

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  • Mouthwash DUI Cases

    Did you know that many regularly available mouthwashes contain a high quantity of ethanol alcohol? Ethanol alcohol is the same type of alcohol ...

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  • Defending an Ambien DUI

    South Carolina’s DUI law allows for cases to be brought on the basis of alcohol, drugs, or combination. The only requirement is that a driver be ...

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  • What If Your Miranda Rights Weren’t Read?

    If you were not advised or Miranda rights while being arrested for a South Carolina DUI, this can be grounds to have your case dismissed. Pursuant to ...

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