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Why it's important to review pre-trial discovery
Why it's important to review pre-trial discovery

One of the most important things we do to help our clients challenge a DUI is to obtain and review pre-trial discovery. This is a critical step in reviewing any DUI case. Unfortunately this isn't something automatically done for defendants by the court, and it's not possible ...

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Blog posts in Challenging Your DUI

  • Does a DUI show up on my background check?

    The DUI arrest is automatically reported to the official criminal records database as soon as you are booked into jail. South Carolina's arrest ...

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  • How to Avoid Getting Arrested for DUI in South Carolina

    One of the most common questions put to us outside of the office is how to avoid getting arrested for DUI . You may think the easy answer is to just ...

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  • Does South Carolina Have a Wet Reckless Law?

    In many states drunk driving charges can be reduced to a wet reckless. You may be wondering if this plea bargain is available in South Carolina. A wet ...

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  • Mouthwash DUI Cases

    Did you know that many regularly available mouthwashes contain a high quantity of ethanol alcohol? Ethanol alcohol is the same type of alcohol ...

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  • What If Your Miranda Rights Weren’t Read?

    If you were not advised or Miranda rights while being arrested for a South Carolina DUI, this can be grounds to have your case dismissed. Pursuant to ...

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  • Are they just going to offer you a reckless?

    If you’ve been charged with DUI you probably are very interested in whether or not you will be offered a plea to a reduced charge. Probably the most ...

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  • Five Things You Might Not Know About DUI Law

    You already know that DUI is a really serious criminal offenses. There are billboards all over Columbia and Lexington telling you that its “Sober or ...

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  • Recent Lexington County DUI Checkpoints & Advertising Blitz

    This is the time of year when local law enforcement agencies ramp up their enforcement of DUI and other traffic laws. In Lexington, the "official" ...

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  • How can video be used to challenge your DUI case?

    One of the first things that we do when we take on a new DUI case is to request copies of the video evidence produced by the police department. S.C. ...

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